Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Shot Teddy Bear

I had to share this!  It's so adorable and made using the Big Shot. I found it on Shelli Gardner's (Stampin' Up Founder) blog (

 I can't wait to find time to make this. Here's the instructions:

Stuffed Teddy Bear
Finished size – approximately 3” high
Fabric (two complementary patterns; Shelli’s bear is in the Vintage Christmas fabric)
Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding
White felt
Quilting thread (quilting thread is important because it is stronger than regular thread)
Black embroidery thread
Black 5mm pearl stickers or half bead (for eyes)
Black 4mm bead (for nose)
Polyester stuffing/batting
Embellishments (Shelli’s bear is adorned with beads, a Rhinestone brad, gold beading thread)
Big Shot
3” Circles die
2 ½” Circles punch
Small Heart Punch
Sewing machine
Glue gun and glue sticks
Note: This bear is super simple and making them in multiples of two saves time in cutting.
Cut circle patterns for bear parts on card stock:
  • Body:  5 1/4” diameter
  • Head: 4 1/4” diameter
  • Feet:   3” diameter (or use the 3” Circles die with the Big Shot, which is a lot easier!)
  • Hands:   2 1/2” diameter (or use the Stampin' Up! Punch, which is a lot easier!)
  • Ears:  2 1/8” diameter
  • Oval:  for Gusset 5/8” x 3/4"
Using a pencil or pen, trace around the card stock circle patterns onto fabric, then cut the following:
  • Body – cut 1
  • Head -  cut 1
  • Feet – cut 2
  • Hands – cut 2
  • Ears – cut 2
Using the Small Heart punch, punch two hearts from fabric that is complementary to the fabric used for the body.
Using a basting stitch, sew 1/4-inch around the edges of each circle. For several stitches, overlap the beginning and the end of the stitches side by side, not on top of each other. In other words, don't stitch so the end stitch meets the beginning stitch; instead sew a few ending stitches to the side of the beginning stitches.
With the right side of the fabric on the outside, pull (gather) the thread as tight as possible, pushing the edges into the inside, leaving a  hole as small as possible to stuff in the batting. Tie the thread into a knot. (Note: It helps to cut off the thread on the other side of the fabric, so it doesn't get in the way, but leave a little so it doesn't unravel.) Cut off the thread.
Stuff the batting into the hold, making a ball out of each body part. (Note: The bear will look better if you stuff each piece as tightly as possible without breaking the thread. This is why it's best to use quilting thread.)
Trace the gusset pattern onto white felt, and cut out. Sew the black thread onto the gusset with two strands of black embroidery thread; sew the mouth.
Glue parts together. (Note: It's easiest to start by gluing the head to the body, then the feet onto the body while the bear is propped upright. Next glue on the arms and ears. Finally, glue the gusset and the eyes to the face. End by gluing the hearts to the front of the feet.
Tie ribbon around the neck, and embellish.

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